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Rafael Palacios


Immersed in the lush beauty of Galicia, Spain, Rafael Palacios is a quintessential representation of Valdeorras’ viticultural excellence. This esteemed winery, under the helm of Rafael Palacios himself, carries a legacy rooted in a profound love for the land and dedication to maintaining the authenticity of its unique terroir.

At Rafael Palacios, the white Godello grape takes center stage through meticulous cultivation and masterful wine crafting techniques. The result unfolds in finely crafted wines that are a symphony of aromas and flavors, exhibiting the varied richness of their Galician roots. Whether it’s the invigoration of their entry-level Bolo, or the complex elegance of their single-vineyard Sorte O Soro, Rafael Palacios ensures each bottle displays a riveting narrative of the Valdeorras region.

Innovation and tradition are intricately entwined at Rafael Palacios. By integrating modern winemaking approaches, while maintaining deep-rooted respect for traditional practices, the winery presents a distinctive line-up of wines that echo the hallmarks of Valdeorras, yet speak to the tastes of contemporary wine enthusiasts.

Each bottle from Rafael Palacios embodies the essence of the Galician terrains, the aroma of its forests, the rugged beauty of the Sil River, and iconic Spanish heritage. It’s an experience that promises to transport the imbiber through the charming landscapes of Valdeorras.

For those in North Carolina seeking a true taste of Spanish viticulture, Rafael Palacios’ exceptional range is made available through Freedom Beverage Company, connecting local wine connoisseurs to Galicia’s vine-clad hillsides.