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R. Stuart & Co. Winery


Beautifully rooted in Oregon’s picturesque Willamette Valley, R. Stuart & Co. Winery offers a vibrant array of boutique wines that breathe the spirit of this remarkable region. This artisanal winery is a testament to the union of passion, skill, and the dynamic terroir of the Pacific Northwest.

At R. Stuart & Co., the art of winemaking is not just a process; it’s a relationship with the land. Each vintage masterfully weaves the story of the valley’s soils, the cool climate, and the characteristics that each season bestows onto the grapes. Be it the elegant Pinot Noir, based on Rob Stuart’s decades of experience, or the fragrant and lively Big Fire Pinot Gris, each bottle captures the winery’s dedication to expressing the distinctive character of the site.

Their practices respect the region’s ecology, employing sustainable and gentle winemaking techniques. This commitment ensures that the integrity, character, and quality of the fruit shine unabashedly in every glass.

Being a fixture in the heart of Oregon’s wine country, the offerings from R. Stuart & Co. reflect more than just the production of superior wines. They pay tribute to the community’s persevering spirit, the gorgeous landscapes, and the simple, yet profound, joys of Pacific Northwest living.

North Carolina industry professionals can now bring a piece of Oregon’s bountiful vineyards to their establishments through Freedom Beverage Company, the official distributor of R. Stuart & Co.’s artisanal wines.