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Quinta de S. Sebastiao


Immersed in Portugal’s rich wine heritage, Quinta de S. Sebastiao is a beacon of viticultural excellence in the heart of Lisbon. The unique microclimate and diverse soil types of their vineyards create a unique alchemy, producing wines full of character and personality.

This historic vineyard yields an exquisite range of wines, each reflecting the spirit of the Lisbon terroir. Whether it’s a crisp, fragrant white or a bold, structured red, Quinta de S. Sebastiao meticulously nurtures each bottle to reveal an authentic snapshot of Portuguese viticulture.

Qunita de S. Sebastiao stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation. While revering Portugal’s wine-making traditions, they infuse modern viticultural techniques to refine each bottle’s flavors and aromas, appealing to both classic and contemporary tastes.

The wines of Quinta de S. Sebastiao echo the vibrancy of Lisbon: its historic charm, the salty Atlantic breeze, and the cultural richness that defines Portugal. Every bottle is a journey through the Portuguese landscapes – an intimate encounter with its people and traditions.

North Carolina establishments seeking to capture the essence of Portuguese viticulture can include Quinta de S. Sebastiao in their offerings, available through the Freedom Beverage Company.