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Q.S.S. Rare


Emerging from the historic and vibrant region of Lisbon, Portugal, Q.S.S. Rare represents a stunning painting of Portugal’s distinctive winemaking heritage. This wine producer strikes a harmonious balance between centuries-old traditions and innovative viticulture techniques, unearthing Portugal’s rich tapestry of flavor profiles.

Q.S.S. Rare wines are a sensorial journey through Portugal’s diverse terroirs. At the heart of their wine crafting philosophy lies the respect for the land and its unique offerings. Harnessing the distinct characteristics of the region’s varietals, each bottle unravels the stories of the sun-soaked vineyards, the sea-kissed breeze, and the meticulous hand that guides their creation.

From the charm of their whites to the depth of their reds and the allure of their exquisite port wines, Q.S.S. Rare showcases the breadth and depth of Lisbon’s wine palette. They are both intriguing and familiar, resonating with the rhythm of Lisbon itself – vivacious, lively, and steeped in history.

Q.S.S. Rare is not just about superior wines; it is about the spirit of Portugal that lives in these bottles – the passion, soul, and vivacity that Portugal and its people embody. It’s an invitation to a romance with Portuguese wines, a dance through their vineyards, and an exploration of their captivating landscapes.

For North Carolina industry buyers seeking the richness of Portuguese wines, Q.S.S. Rare’s offerings are available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company, offering an alluring taste of the Iberian Peninsula.