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Poggio Del Moro


On the rolling hills of Tuscany, in the heart of Italy, lies Poggio Del Moro, a winery steeped in tradition and a commitment to excellence. In this enchanting terrain where art, culture, and viniculture intertwine, Poggio Del Moro crafts wines that hum a Tuscan melody in every glass.

Traditional yet innovative, Poggio Del Moro masters a delicate balance of honoring time-tested wine-making methods while embracing innovative techniques. Each vineyard plot, nurtured under the warm Italian sun and tempered by the cool Mediterranean breezes, reveals wines that are a true representation of their soil, climate, and varietal character.

Whether it’s the enduring elegance of their Sangiovese, the vibrancy of their Syrah, or the full-bodied richness of their Montepulciano, Poggio del Moro wines embody the true spirit of Tuscany. Each sip is an exploration, a journey across the Tuscan landscapes, and a testament to the winery’s passionate endeavor for perfection.

Poggio Del Moro’s wines aren’t merely a beverage, they’re an experience. They tell a story of an Italian sunrise, of softly rustling vine leaves, of the passion and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle. They celebrate the heart and heritage of Tuscany, the joy of wine shared and savored, across centuries, across borders.

North Carolina’s discerning establishments seeking a true embodiment of Italian viticulture, must introduce Poggio Del Moro to their patrons. These Tuscan treasures are now available through Freedom Beverage Company, offering a stunning regional addition to any diverse wine menu.