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Oenops Wines


Introducing Oenops Wines, hailing from the fascinating landscapes of Drama, Greece. As a passionate vintner, Oenops beautifully balances the rich history of Greek winemaking with the curious spirit of new-age vineyard exploration. The very name, ‘Oenops’, is Greek for ‘wine face’, expertly encapsulating their commitment to the world of wine.

Oenops Wines stands out for its deeply-held respect for terroir – a term used to describe the marriage of climate, soil and region that gives each wine its unique identity. Whether it’s the expressive Limniona or the intricate Xinomavro-Agiorgitiko blend, the wines of Oenops are as diverse and characterful as the land from which they originate.

Pairing rich tradition with innovative techniques, Oenops has managed to create a dynamic collection of wines that capture the heart and soul of Drama’s vineyards. The core philosophy of Oenops revolves around minimal intervention, allowing the true character of the grape and its terroir to shine through in every bottle.

Oenops Wines are not just beverages, they’re portals into the beautiful world of Greek winemaking. From the golden sunshine bathing the vineyards, to the crisp, salinity-tinged breeze rolling in from the nearby Aegean Sea, every sip is an experience imbued with the essence of Drama.

For wholesale wine buyers in North Carolina eager to explore the remarkable diversity of Greek wines, Oenops Wines offers an immersive journey, made available through Freedom Beverage Company.