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Oddero Farms and Cellars


From the enchanting landscapes of Langhe in Italy, where the symphony of rolling vineyards and azure skies weave a picturesque tapestry, emerge Oddero Farms and Cellars. Oddero signifies a delightful blend of tradition, passion, and the deep-rooted respect for terroir that the Italian countryside is celebrated for.

The story of Oddero is a testament to meticulous cultivation, reverence for ancient vines, and the harmonious integration of modern and traditional wine-making techniques. Be it the tantalizing complexity of their Barolo, or the divine freshness in their Langhe Nebbiolo, each wine is a reflection of the equally beautiful and challenging terrain they are crafted from.

The wines from Oddero Farms and Cellars effuse the heartbeat of Langhe in every sip. Each pour is nothing less than a virtual tour across Italy’s vine-strewn landscapes, the resounding serenity of Piedmont, and the dance of flavors and aromas that the region is renowned for.

More than a mere beverage, Oddero wines grasp the Italian art of living – the delight of a shared meal, the heartfelt conversations over a glass of wine, the melody of an Italian sunset. Every bottle encapsulates Italy’s profound love for viticulture and time-honored traditions.

For North Carolina’s wine connoisseurs and industry buyers, the luscious palate of Oddero’s prestigious wines are available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company. Immerse yourself in a world of Italian elegance, tradition, and an intensive terroir-driven expedition one sip at a time.