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Niepoort Vinhos


From the verdant hills of Portugal’s Douro region emanates Niepoort Vinhos, a renowned producer of exquisite wines and fortified Ports reflecting the rich heritage and complexity of this fertile and fascinating wine-growing area.

Founded in 1842, Niepoort Vinhos is characterized by its respect for tradition mingled with innovative expression. This dual-edged philosophy yields an extensive wine portfolio resonating with Douro’s landscape and tale. From the dry, full-bodied red wines to the lusciously vibrant Ports, each bottle tells a unique story of the flavors and nuances of the Douro Valley.

Embracing biodynamic viticulture, Niepoort Vinhos nurtures their vineyards in harmony with nature, cultivating a dynamic biodiversity that results in wines of stellar purity and vibrancy. They give voice to their terroir, allowing each vineyard’s singularity and vitality to unfold in the wines they produce.

The wines of Niepoort Vinhos possess a delicate balance between robustness and elegance, power and finesse, tradition and innovation. Every sip is a voyage through Portugal, a testament to the passion and ingenuity that stems from the heart of the Douro Valley.

Fine wine buyers in North Carolina will now have the opportunity to introduce the esteemed Niepoort Vinhos portfolio to their customers. Niepoort Vinhos’ captivating selections are available to the region through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.