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Monte de Sene


Monte de Sene, a hidden gem situated in the enchanting wine region of Burgundy, France, is a beacon of quintessential French viticulture. Established in the cradle of historical vineyards, Monte de Sene’s wines embody the authenticity, tradition, and sophisticated harmony of Burgundy’s celebrated terroir.

At the heart of Monte de Sene’s ethos is a profound respect for nature, married to meticulous viticultural practices. Each plot is honed with care, resulting in nuanced wines that convey the distinct character of the land. From the luscious Body of their whites to the seamlessly integrated tannins of their reds, Monte de Sene’s wines are artful reflections of their terroir.

The vineyard strikes a delicate balance, holding fast to rich traditions while expertly incorporating innovative practices. The result – wines that beautifully juxtapose old-world charm with contemporary elegance. Each sip narrates the tale of their vineyards, the unrivaled beauty of Burgundy, and the centuries-old conviction that great wine is the purest articulation of the land where its grapes are grown.

Engaging with Monte de Sene’s wines, one does not merely taste, one experiences. Here is an echo of the cool Burgundy climate, the whisper of the wind over the vineyards, the brightness of a French dawn, and family’s indomitable spirit mirrored in every glass.

In North Carolina, for those seeking a true expression of Burgundy’s viticultural heritage, Monte de Sene’s exemplary wines are available through their official distributor, the Freedom Beverage Company.