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Perched in the sun-drenched terrains of Burgenland, Austria, unfolds the captivating tapestry of Mo-Velt. The wines from this cherished vineyard embody an intriguing blend of regional heritage, traditional craftsmanship, and innovative viticulture, making Mo-Velt an emblem of Austrian wine excellence.

With a deep respect for the land and a penchant for organic farming, Mo-Velt allows the unique terroir of Burgenland to shape its characterful wines. The result? Reds and whites that brilliantly capture the essence of the region, from the ripe fruitiness of the Zweigelt to the complex minerality of their exquisite Gruner Veltliner.

At Mo-Velt, innovation and tradition are never at odds. The winery meaningfully integrates modern winemaking techniques with age-old wisdom, unfolding wines of exceptional balance, elegance, and consistency. Each bottling serves as a testament to Mo-Velt’s commitment to the finest Austrian wine standards.

More than just wine, the offerings from Mo-Velt encapsulate the charm of Austria’s viticulture. Every sip narrates tales of the serene Burgenland scenery, rustling vine leaves under a golden sunrise, and the passionate pursuit of vinicultural mastery.

Wholesale wine buyers within North Carolina seeking a genuine Austrian wine experience can ensure Mo-Velt has a well-deserved place in their portfolios through Freedom Beverage Company, Mo-Velt’s official distributor.