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Michael James Wines


In the prestigious Napa Valley of California, a beacon of winemaking excellence shines brightly – Michael James Wines. Rooted in a passion for craftsmanship, this sought-after producer offers an enticing range of wines that epitomize the lushness and brilliance of Californian viticulture.

Michael James Wines, a testament to meticulous cultivation and thoughtful wine craftsmanship each drop embodies the richness of Napa’s sun-laden vineyards. Whether it’s the expressive character of their luxurious Cabernet Sauvignon or the nuanced elegance of their sublime Chardonnay, these wines are an ode to their resplendent terroir.

Innovation and Old World traditions merge seamlessly at Michael James Wines. Their wine captures the essence of California’s bounty while carrying a hint of international intrigue. By applying the latest viticultural innovations without losing sight of time-honored oenological practices, the result is wines that are distinctive, compelling and undeniably Californian.

The wines from Michael James tell stories of sun-kissed grapes, fertile soil, and vibrant, passionate winemakers. They echo the bustling excitement of harvest season, the tranquil calm of maturation, and the joy of a well-aged bottle uncorked. Sipping a glass is not merely drinking a wine, but experiencing a slice of Napa Valley life.

Within North Carolina, Freedom Beverage Company serves as the official route to these captivating stories housed in each bottle of Michael James Wines. Offering a journey into the heart of Napa Valley, for all those who appreciate the remarkable marriage of tradition and innovation enthusiastic wine buyers should not miss.