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Mercouri Estate


In the idyllic peninsula of Peloponnese, Greece, stands Mercouri Estate, a beacon of classical winemaking tradition and modern viticultural innovation. This venerable estate, with its roots stretching back to the 1860s, combines a rich history with a profound understanding of the unique terroir.

Mercouri Estate prides itself in cultivating indigenous and international grape varieties specifically adapted to the local climate conditions. This results in wines with extraordinary sense of place, whether it be the aromatic complexity of the well-reputed Refosco or the elegant balance of their Assyrtiko.

While maintaining traditional winemaking techniques, Mercouri Estate is not a stranger to innovation. It embraces modern methods when they enhance the genuine expression of the fruit, leading to wines that showcase the depth, structure, and nuanced richness of the Peloponnesian terroir.

Each bottle from Mercouri Estate tells a tale of enduring passion for the grape. The wines encapsulate the essence of the region – the rhythm of the Aegean waves, the whispering olive groves, and the sun-dappled vineyards. This enchanting narrative comes to life with every sip, immersing the drinker in the gentle embrace of the Peloponnese.

For establishments in North Carolina looking to traverse the vinous landscapes of Greece, Mercouri Estate’s diverse selection of wines is available through their official distributor – Freedom Beverage Company.