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Castilla y Leon,

Introducing Menade, an exceptional winery located in the heart of Spain’s revered wine region, Rueda, in Castilla y Leon. With a commitment to preserving the environment and celebrating nature’s gifts, Menade excels in creating wines that truly reflect the sense of place.

At Menade, biodynamic viticulture practices are the norm. Each vineyard plot is nurtured with utter respect for the land, paving the way for a harvest that’s pure and unadulterated. Be it the crisp, citrusy freshness of their Rueda Verdejo or the depth and complexity of their reds, Menade’s portfolio reflects nature in its undiluted form.

But the magic of Menade doesn’t stop at respecting the environment. Their mastery over winemaking, melding traditional and modern techniques, further amplifies the character of their wines. The result is a line-up of wines that not only speak of their terroir but also resonate with the winery’s innovative spirit.

The wines of Menade are not merely beverages. They encapsulate the passion and respect for nature that the family-owned winery embodies. Each sip is a tale of Castilla y Leon’s sun-soaked vineyards, the gentle caress of the Spanish wind, and the dedication of a family committed to organic winemaking.

In North Carolina, distributors and restaurateurs can introduce their clientele to the enchanting world of Rueda’s biodynamic wines with Menade, available through their official distributor Freedom Beverage Company.