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Mas Donis


Emerging from the rugged terrains of Montsant in Catalunya, Spain, Mas Donis is a producer that beautifully encapsulates the soul of its surroundings in each bottle. Rooted in this idyllic wine region, Mas Donis strikes a poignant balance between tradition and innovation, crafting wines that pay homage to Spanish viticulture while appealing to contemporary palates.

The essence of Mas Donis lies in its respect for terroir. The varied landscape of Montsant, characterized by limestone, clay, and sand soils, imparts unique qualities to the vine. Whether it’s the finesse of their Grenache or the robust personality of their Carignan, each wine reflects the diverse tapestry of Montsant soils.

Fundamental to Mas Donis’ winemaking approach is a careful blend of traditional methods and modern innovations. Amid the timeless rhythms of harvest and aging, there’s a distinct dedication to sustainable practices, a commitment that ensures the purity and integrity of each bottle.

Every sip of Mas Donis wine is a journey to Catalunya, an inviting blend of sun-kissed vineyards, centuries-old wine culture, and a singular Spanish charm. Embodying a narrative of the land, the people, and their collective passion for viticulture, each bottle holds inside it a piece of the picturesque Montsant region.

For buyers in North Carolina seeking the magic of Spanish winemaking, Mas Donis’ selection is available through Freedom Beverage Company – offering a taste of Catalunya, from the vine to the glass.