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Mas Des Etoiles


In the heart of Cahors, France, tucked amidst verdant vineyards, you will find Mas Des Etoiles, a boutique winery that stands as a testament to French winemaking excellence. Imbued with the romance of the stars, its name translates to ‘Farm of the Stars’, symbolizing the perfect alliance of nature, craft, and celestial inspiration.

The winery gains its unique character from the rich terroir of Cahors. Famous for its deeply colored and fruit-forward Malbec, each Mas Des Etoiles wine carries the signature intensity and complexity that speaks of the land from which it comes. From their vibrant Rosé to their structured and nuanced Malbec, the wines beautifully articulate the winery’s passion for viticulture.

Mas Des Etoiles represents a fusion of tradition with modern innovation. While deeply rooted in the classic winemaking practices of Cahors, the winery embraces technology and sustainable farming to produce wines that reflect the purest expression of their extraordinary terroir.

Each sip of a Mas Des Etoiles wine narrates a tale of the sun-dappled vineyards of southern France, the whisper of the Mediterranean breeze, and the unyielding dedication of a family committed to winemaking excellence. It’s not just a glass of wine; it’s an invitation to a French pastoral idyll.

For North Carolina wholesale wine buyers looking for French authenticity and exceptional quality, Mas Des Etoiles is a brilliant addition to your portfolio, available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.