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Markou Vineyards


Firmly rooted in the ancient soils of Attica, Greece, resides Markou Vineyards, a winery that breathes life into the hallowed wine-making traditions of its land. Drawing wisdom from centuries of viticultural history, Markou Vineyards curates a remarkable symphony of wines that perfectly harmonize legacy with innovation.

Markou Vineyards’ profound respect for the Greek terroir shines brilliantly in each bottle. Accented by the climatic idiosyncrasies of Attica, their wines embody the spirit of Greece, from the fertile vineyards to the bustling agoras. Whether experiencing the vibrancy of their Assyrtiko or the silky tannins of their Agiorgitiko, Markou wines express the very soul of Greece.

Traditional methods stand hand in hand with modern wine-making techniques at Markou Vineyards, creating wines that pay tribute to the past while engaging modern palates. The fusion is evidence of their commitment to provide a transcendent wine experience that speaks to both novice and seasoned wine connoisseurs.

Markou Vineyards doesn’t merely craft wines; they craft narratives of enduring Greek hospitality, the whispering olive groves, azure Aegean shores, and epic tales spun under a Grecian moon. Each sip is a passport to the timeless essence of Greece, her rich history, and indomitable spirit.

Those in North Carolina seeking authenticity and splendor in each glass are invited to journey to the heart of Greece with Markou Vineyards, made available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.