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Margerum Wine Company

Santa Barbara County,

In the heart of Santa Barbara County, California, lies the Margerum Wine Company, an impressive expression of American winemaking prowess. Established by esteemed wine merchant Doug Margerum, the company champions the diversity and elegance of Santa Barbara’s unique terroirs.

Margerum’s dedication to quality and authenticity is apparent in every bottle it crafts. With a portfolio ranging from the vibrant, citrus-tinged verve of their Sybarite Sauvignon Blanc to the rich, layered complexity of their M5 Red Blend, each wine reflects a love for the craft and the distinctiveness of their vineyards.

With a flair for innovation, Margerum Wine Company continues to push the boundaries of viticulture and enology. Their commitment to sustainable farming, along with a thoughtful blending of traditional methods and modern technology, allows them to produce wines that pay homage to their roots while dazzling the palates of contemporary wine enthusiasts.

More than just wine, Margerum embodies the spirit of Santa Barbara – the shimmer of the Pacific, the backdrop of sweeping vineyards, the enjoyment of life celebrated with a shared bottle. It’s a sensory journey, a Californian dream captured within glass confines.

For North Carolina wine buyers aiming to bring a slice of Santa Barbara’s astounding viticultural scene to their clientele, Margerum’s artisanal offerings are conveniently available through Freedom Beverage Company.