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Marco Gavio


From the heart of Italy, where vine-laden hills meet age-old viticulture traditions, emerges Marco Gavio, an illustrious name synonymous with exquisite Chianti. A product of passion, skill, and a profound respect for the terroir, Marco Gavio’s wines encapsulate the soul of Italian winemaking.

Each bottle of Chianti from Marco Gavio is a testament to the integrity of the artisan’s craft — cultivated in prime vineyards, nurtured with sustainable farming practices, and allowed to mature in the idyllic Tuscan climate. The result is a wine that resonates with the sun-kissed charm of the region, from the richness of its ruby hue to the layered depth of its flavor profile.

At Marco Gavio, history and innovation walk hand in hand. Their commitment to preserving time-honoured winemaking techniques bolsters their ceaseless pursuit of innovative practices, enabling them to create wines that are both compellingly modern and admirably traditional.

A bottle of Chianti from Marco Gavio is much more than a wine; it is the embodiment of Italy’s vibrant culture, the warmth of sunlit vineyards, the conviviality of a Tuscan feast, and the timeless elegance of Italian wines. Each sip is an invitation to savour the rich heritage of this unparalleled wine region.

North Carolina establishments looking to offer a slice of Italy to their clientele can find Marco Gavio’s accomplished Chianti through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company. A sip, a story, a journey — Marco Gavio captures the Italian wine experience in its entirety.