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Luigi Giordano


From the heart of Italy’s renowned wine region, Piemonte, emerges Luigi Giordano, a winery steeped in tradition and characterized by its commitment to quality. This family-run estate, nestled in the picturesque hills of Barbaresco, offers a genuine expression of the region’s viticultural heritage.

Each wine from Luigi Giordano tells a tale of meticulous cultivation and a deep respect for the land. The estate’s vineyards, blessed with a unique microclimate and nutrient-rich soils, yield wines of exceptional character and finesse. From the elegant, ruby-red Barbaresco to the aromatic and vibrant Dolcetto d’Alba, Luigi Giordano showcases the diverse tapestry of Piemonte’s wine culture.

At Luigi Giordano, tradition and modernity harmoniously intertwine. While the winery employs eco-friendly and sustainable practices to preserve the integrity of their vineyards, it also upholds Piemonte’s time-honored winemaking techniques. The result is a range of wines that beautifully capture the essence of their terroir yet resonate with contemporary palates.

Luigi Giordano’s wines are not just beverages; they are a celebration of Piemonte’s rich viticultural history, the warmth of Italian hospitality, and the shared joy of a well-crafted wine. Each bottle invites you to partake in an immersive Italian wine experience.

For North Carolina industry partners seeking to enrich their offerings with authentic Italian wines, Luigi Giordano’s portfolio is available through Freedom Beverage Company.