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Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards

Santa Barbara County,

From the sun-drenched vineyards of Santa Barbara County, California, emerge Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards, a testament to the art of winemaking that thrives upon a pact of friendship and a shared passion for viticulture.

The story of Lucas & Lewellen is a true tale of two diverse vineyards, united by common purpose. Louis Lucas, a veteran grape grower, along with retired Superior Court Judge Royce Lewellen, work harmoniously to produce world-class wines that encapsulate the uniqueness of their land.

With vineyards spanning three separate climatic zones, each wine carries the signature of its terroir. Whether it’s the minerality in their coveted Chardonnay, the elegant complexity of their Pinot Noir, or the lush textures in their Cabernet Sauvignon, Lucas & Lewellen perfectly captures the distinct essence of Santa Barbara County.

More than just crafting wines, Lucas & Lewellen celebrates California’s rich viticultural heritage, cherishing every sunbeam, raindrop, and season that shapes their vineyards. The wines mirror the pioneering spirit, the captivating landscapes, and the liveliness of the Golden State’s wine country.

For wine enthusiasts and establishments in North Carolina seeking to enrich their offerings with a genuine Californian wine experience, Lucas & Lewellen’s distinguished range is available through Freedom Beverage Company.