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Le Sauv


Deep in the revered wine region of Languedoc-Roussillon, France, resides Le Sauv, a winery that epitomizes the elegance and breadth of French viticulture. Hailing from a region rich in diverse terroir and centuries-old wine-making traditions, Le Sauv exudes a distinctive charm that captivates with each sip.

This charming winery champions the unparalleled variety and richness of the Languedoc-Roussillon, producing wines that reflect the unique character of the region. From the minerally whites that sing of the Mediterannean to the vibrant reds echoing the earthy depth of Roussillon soils, Le Sauv’s wines provide a nuanced exploration of French viniculture.

Producing wines that are both expressive and authentic means balancing tradition and innovation at Le Sauv. While each bottle is steeped in traditional wine-making wisdom, the viticulturalists also embrace contemporary techniques to ensure the impeccable quality, clarity, and flavor complexity for which the winery is renowned.

A glass of Le Sauv wine is more than a simple beverage, it is the embodiment of French viticulture — a dance of sunlight, soil, grapevine and a steadfast dedication to the rich heritage of winemaking. Every bottle encapsulates the vibrant rush of a southern French summer, the tranquil repose of a vineyard at sunrise, and the shared joy of wine appreciation.

For wine industrty buyers in North Carolina seeking to mesmerize their clientele with the complex interplay of flavors from the heart of Languedoc-Roussillon, Le Sauv’s remarkable selection of wines is proudly distributed by Freedom Beverage Company.