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La Craie

Loire Valley,

From the enchanting vineyards of the Loire Valley in France emerges La Craie, a wine label dedicated to creating exceptional vintages that embody the quintessence of this prestigious wine region. With each bottle, La Craie invites you to partake in a unique French vinous journey.

At the heart of La Craie’s philosophy lies a careful curation of grapes and a deep respect for terroir, underpinning the unique character of its offerings. From the refreshing vibrancy of their Chenin Blanc to the delicate elegance of their Cabernet Franc, each wine reflects the richness and diversity of the Loire Valley’s microclimates and soils.

La Craie skillfully applies modern viticulture techniques while cherishing time-honored traditions, striking a graceful balance between the past and the present. With this approach, the wines not only express the distinct personality of the vineyard plots but also resonate with the region’s centuries-old winemaking heritage.

More than just wines, La Craie captures the essence of the Loire Valley itself. With each sip, one can sense the cool morning mists, the gentle river breezes, the lush greenery, and the charm of France’s grand chateaux. It is a celebration of a region renowned for its cultural richness and viticultural excellence.

Proudly available through Freedom Beverage Company, La Craie provides an exceptional opportunity for North Carolina industry partners to share the distinctive allure of Loire Valley wines with their discerning clientele.