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Knuttel Family Wines


From the majestic landscapes of Sonoma Coast, California, comes Knuttel Family Wines, a label synonymous with the harmonious balance of tradition and innovation. The Knuttel Family’s rich wine-making legacy spans over three decades, showcasing the sheer beauty of California viticulture.

Every bottle from Knuttel Family Wines carries a distinct individuality, a tale of carefully tended vines, favorable microclimates, and the magician-like artistry of William Knuttel, the winemaker. Whether it’s the cool sophistication of their Chardonnay or the complex depth of their Pinot Noir, each wine reflects careful craftsmanship and a deep understanding of Sonoma’s diverse terroir.

At Knuttel Family Wines, time-honored techniques meet cutting-edge viticultural practices, ensuring an exceptional wine experience that remains true to its Californian roots. Each wine is a time capsule, capturing the nuances of a vintage and the richness of Sonoma’s terroir.

More than just wines, Knuttel offerings are a vivid representation of the Sonoma Coast – the rhythm of the Pacific waves, the cool fog mornings, the fertile soils bathed in golden sunlight. They embody a region’s passion for viticulture and the remarkable stories woven through its sprawling vineyards.

The elegant wines of Knuttel Family are making their mark in North Carolina, thanks to Freedom Beverage Company, their official distributors. An opportunity for establishments to offer a sophisticated Californian wine experience awaits in every bottle of Knuttel Family Wines.