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House Jam


From the wine-rich soils of Italy comes House Jam, a wine label that harmoniously marries tradition with innovation. House Jam is not a conventional wine; it’s a vivid expression of Italy’s progressive spirit and timeless passion for viticulture.

House Jam stands for daring, bold flavors. Their wines are characterized by a unique fusion of modern techniques and traditional winemaking practices. Each bottle, whether it’s the rich and robust Red Blend or the elegant and vibrant White Blend, reflects House Jam’s commitment to creating wines with personality.

More than a mere beverage, House Jam’s wines encapsulate the vivacious rhythm of Italy. Every sip takes you on an enchanting journey, from the vine-covered hillsides of Sicily to the energetic bustle of Milan. It’s a wine that celebrates the rich diversity and the ‘joie de vivre’ spirit of Italy.

What sets House Jam apart is its youthful energy and fresh approach. Their wines are unpretentious, inviting, and full of character – perfect for those who love to push boundaries and enjoy life’s pleasures.

Exclusive to North Carolina’s industry clientele through Freedom Beverage Company, House Jam offers a chance to indulge in the dynamic pulse of Italian winemaking, creating memorable experiences one bottle at a time.