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Herència Altés


In the passionate, sun-soaked terroirs of Catalunya, Spain, sits Herència Altés, a wine producer painting a vivid portrait of the region’s rich viticulture. Nestled in Terra Alta, Herència Altés is an elegant testimony to the harmonious dance between soil, sun, and grape.

Herència Altés’ identity is grounded in its profound respect for the land and the indigenous grape varieties of Catalunya. Whether it’s the crisp freshness of their Garnatxa Blanca or the complex, layered nuances of their Garnatxa Negra, each wine is a reflection of Terra Alta’s unique landscape.

Beyond their deep-rooted respect for tradition, Herència Altés embraces innovation. Their winemaking techniques blend old-world wisdom with modern scientific precision, resulting in wines that resonate with the essence of Catalunya while embodying contemporary finesse.

The wines of Herència Altés tell a compelling story of the rugged beauty of Terra Alta, the relentless Catalonian sun, and the age-old love affair between the region and its vines. Each sip of their wines is a journey through Spain’s deeply etched wine narrative.

In North Carolina, industry insiders looking for a taste of Spanish flair, authenticity, and viticultural excellence, will find Herència Altés wines through the Freedom Beverage Company, a gateway into the world of Catalonian wine.