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From the lush vineyards of Spain’s renowned Rioja region springs Hazana, a wine producer steeped in tradition while fervently embracing modernity. Hazana takes its name from the ancient Spanish word for ‘grace’, a fitting descriptor for its wines that elegantly merge the old world charm with new world flair.

At the heart of Hazana’s philosophy is the determination to reflect the best attributes of the Rioja region. Nurturing vines aged 30-70 years, each bottle from Hazana encapsulates the robust character of Tempranillo and Viura grapes, showcasing the splendid depth and complexity of the region’s terroir.

From meticulously tending their vineyards and employing sustainable farming techniques to using state-of-the-art winery equipment, Hazana strikes the perfect balance between respecting the traditions and harnessing the advantages of modern viticulture. The wines, whether it’s the full-bodied Hazana Vinas Viejas or the vibrant Hazana Blanco, testify to this successful fusion.

Hazana wines are more than mere beverages. Each sip is a journey to the heart of Spain, bringing forth the vibrant spirit of the Rioja region, the richness of its soils, and a profound appreciation for Spain’s vinous heritage.

For North Carolina establishments seeking truly exceptional Spanish wines, Hazana’s ranges are available through their North Carolina wine distributors, Freedom Beverage Company. Each bottle promises a Spanish wine experience of elegance, grace, and authenticity.