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Grayson Cellars


From the sun-drenched, windswept coastline of California emerges Grayson Cellars, an embodiment of the state’s rich winemaking tradition. With a philosophy rooted in delivering values through attention to detail and dedication to quality, Grayson Cellars holds an esteemed place among the vineyards in the Central Coast.

At the heart of Grayson Cellars is a firm belief in the expressive power of vineyards. To that end, their approach hinges on producing wines that allow the unique character of California’s terroir to shine. From the luscious Chardonnay, redolent with tropical fruits and nuances of vanilla, to the robust Zinfandel with layered complexities, every bottle delivers a taste of the Californian dream.

Modern viticultural practices meet meticulous handcrafting at Grayson Cellars. Through combinations of unique vineyard selections, innovative fermentation techniques, and attentive aging practices, Grayson creates wines that capture the constant evolution of California’s winemaking scene.

Every Grayson bottle is more than just wine – it’s an experience. A journey that covers the undulating vineyards, the Pacific kissed breezes, and the magic of Californian winemaking. It’s the celebration of sunshine in a glass.

For industry buyers in North Carolina seeking for an authentic Californian wine experience, Grayson Cellars’ dynamic range is available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.