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Gravel Bar Winery


Emerging from the scenic landscapes of Columbia Valley, Washington, stands Gravel Bar Winery, the poetic expression of the mighty Columbia River’s contributions to viticulture. With its name reflecting the sculpting influence of countless floods on the abundant vineyards, Gravel Bar Winery is a testament to the resurrection of Columbia Valley’s wine-making legacy.

The essence of Gravel Bar Winery lies in its intimate relationships with the local terroir. The land’s rocky terrain, blessed with distinctive minerals from years of natural deposits, bestows each wine varietal with unparalleled character and complexity. Whether it’s the bold, luscious reds or the delicate, fruit-forward whites, the wines speak a language entwined with Columbia Valley’s unique geology.

At Gravel Bar, the wisdom of traditional wine-making techniques and forward-looking innovation converge beautifully. This careful blend of the old and the new results in wines that are as versatile as they are distinctive, appealing to both purists and modern wine enthusiasts.

Every bottle from Gravel Bar Winery transports you to the sublime beauty of Washington’s boisterous river and its magnificent surrounds. Savor the wines and you savor the whispering melodies of the great Columbia, the breathtaking vistas of Columbia Valley, and the resilience of the region.

In North Carolina, Freedom Beverage Company proudly brings you the compelling narrative and outstanding wines of Gravel Bar Winery, ready to leave an indelible imprint on your palate.