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Grape Abduction Company


From the sunshine-soaked vineyards of Slovenia emerges Grape Abduction Company, a boutique wine producer reinventing the narrative of Slovenian wines. With a bold approach to viticulture and winemaking, Grape Abduction Company propels the unique terroir of Slovenia onto the global stage.

The cornerstone of Grape Abduction Company is the respect for each varietal and the soil from which it springs. Harnessing the vitality of the Slovenian terroir, they craft wines that tell a tale of the region’s sunny slopes, mineral-rich soils, and age-old winemaking heritage. Each bottle, whether it’s a vibrant Sauvignon Blanc or a layered Merlot, tells a unique story of its birthplace.

It’s a journey of discovery at Grape Abduction Company. Breaking away from conventional winemaking, they breathe life into their wines through organic farming, minimal intervention, and innovative practices. This philosophy lends itself to wines that truly embody the spirit of Slovenia, wines that are energetic, expressive, and authentic.

More than just vessels for fine wine, Grape Abduction Company encapsulates the soul of Slovenia—the melodious chatter of vineyard workers, the gentle whisper of the wind, and the vibrant colors of the harvest season. It’s a celebration of a land’s rich heritage and the joys of winemaking.

For North Carolina wine enthusiasts looking to explore Slovenia’s unique wine landscape, Grape Abduction Company’s range is proudly available through their NC wine distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.