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Granito del Cadalso

Castilla y Leon,

From the high-altitude vineyards of Castilla y Leon, Spain comes Granito del Cadalso, a winery manifesting the essence of its historic lands through each bottle. By marrying heartfelt passion and meticulous cultivation, Granito del Cadalso offers a taste of Spanish wine tradition.

Granito del Cadalso is reflective of its unique terroir- a sublime alliance of granitic soils, old-vines, and a Continental climate. This influence of terroir shines through the wines, from the depth of Garnacha to the vibrancy of the Albillo, truly showcasing the character of Castilla y Leon.

Respectful of its heritage while embracing innovation, Granito del Cadalso applies a thoughtful blend of traditional viticulture and modern vinification. The practice of organic farming emphasizes the natural expression of their wines, offering the palate an unadulterated sensory experience.

In a glass of Granito del Cadalso, one does not just taste wine, but also the whispers of Spanish tradition, the tranquillity of Castilla y Leon landscapes, and the rhythmic harmony of the old vineyards. It is an embodiment of Spanish viticulture and an ode to its homelands.

For wine buyers in North Carolina seeking to enrich their offerings with a Spanish touch, Granito del Cadalso is available through the wine distributor, Freedom Beverage Company. Each bottle promises an unforgettable voyage to the heart of Castilla y Leon.