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Good Measure


Emerging from the heart of Washington’s Columbia Valley is Good Measure, a wine producer that serves as a testament to the region’s acclaimed viticultural tradition. This quintessentially American label elegantly crafts stories of the land, innovation, and craftmanship into every bottle they produce.

Good Measure’s ethos is grounded in responsible stewardship of the land and the pursuit of uncompromising quality. With its sun-drenched vineyards nestling amongst Washington’s dramatically beautiful landscapes, the wines are faithful reflections of the Columbia Valley’s unique terroir—its soil, climate, and annual rhythm of seasons.

The result is a portfolio of wines that are both classic and contemporary—a harmonious blend of time-honored practices, forward-thinking wine-making, and a tireless pursuit of quality. From the aromatic intensity of their Merlots to the refined complexity of their Syrahs, each bottle offers a unique sensory journey.

But with Good Measure, it’s not solely about the wines—it’s about the celebration of American vineyard culture, Columbia Valley’s breath-taking natural beauty, and the joyous vitality of Washington and its people. Every pour, sip, and toast is an homage to the spirit and charm of this iconic wine-making region.

Attract attention from wine lovers across North Carolina and beyond with Good Measure’s vibrant portfolio, available through the state’s official supplier, Freedom Beverage Company.