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Gönc Winery


Located in the picturesque region of Dobrovnik, Slovenia, Gönc Winery presents itself as a place where history, tradition, and modern viticulture meet. This family-owned winery, with a 300-year long history of winemaking, symbolises a deep-rooted passion for the vine and an innovative approach to winemaking.

At Gönc, grapes are grown with respect for the land, combining time-honored techniques with a contemporary ethos. The end result is a collection of wines that express the singular terroir of each vineyard site. Their wine, whether it is Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, or their richly layered blends, offer an authentic reflection of Slovenia’s wine-growing regions.

However, tradition and sustainability are not Gönc’s only hallmarks. The winery skillfully balances its historical roots with innovation, incorporating modern winemaking methods to create dynamic, truly remarkable wines. It’s a testament to Gönc’s dedication to craftsmanship, clarity of flavor, and excellence in all stages of production.

An encounter with Gönc wines is not just a tasting. It’s a cultural experience, a journey into the heart of Slovenia, encapsulating the joy of harvest seasons, the close-knit community spirit, and the rhythmic hum of vineyard life. It’s a tale, narrated through each sip, of a family, its winemaking legacy, and its artful blending of old and new.

North Carolina industry partners seeking an exclusive taste of Slovenian terroir, will find Gönc Winery’s range readily available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.