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Galil Mountain Winery


In the breathtaking high-altitudes of Upper Galilee, between shimmering snow-capped mountains and fertile green plateaus, stands Galil Mountain Winery. This Israeli winery encapsulates the timeless embrace of an ancient viticultural region and state-of-the-art winemaking practices, resulting in truly exceptional wines.

At Galil Mountain Winery, the focus is on locality and sustainability. They attentively cultivate indigenous and international grape varieties, meticulously adapting each to the unique terroir of the Galilee region. From the distinct Yiron blend with its intense black fruit flavours to the crisp liveliness of the Sauvignon Blanc, each of their wines beautifully reflects the richness of its source.

The winery prides itself on its winemaking philosophy, a synthesis of tradition and innovation. While drawing from the time-honoured winemaking traditions of Israel, the winery also incorporates state-of-the-art technology and sustainable practices to craft wines of extraordinary finesse and complexity.

Every bottle narrates the story of Israel’s most beautiful wine region, its history, people, and lands. It’s an infusion of sun-kissed mountains, cool high-altitude breezes, and the persistent passion of its skilled vintners. Galil Mountain Wines capture the allure of a region where wine has been made for centuries.

For those in North Carolina who appreciate fusion of tradition and modern viticulture from a region steeped in history, Galil Mountain Winery’s exquisite offerings are available through Freedom Beverage Company.