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Frisk Wines


Embracing the vibrant heart of Victoria, Australia, we find Frisk Wines, a vivacious label bringing a refreshing take on the world of wine. Frisk Wines are not just about a casual sipping experience, they are about embracing life’s adventurous side with fresh, frisky flavors.

Each bottle from Frisk Wines is a testament to their innovative, playful approach to winemaking. Crafted from hand-harvested grapes, augmented with a pleasing spritz to add a crisp note, every glass is charged with effervescence. From the citrusy freshness of their Prickly Riesling to the ripe berry notes of their Dolcetto, Frisk Wines express distinct character and captivating vibrancy.

Frisk Wines echo the spirit of Victoria, an epitome of Australia’s diverse landscapes. The wines embody the lush verdant vineyards, the pristine rivers, and the Mediterranean cliamtes of this enticing region. Each sip invites you on an intriguing journey, a dynamic dance of bright aromas and vivid flavors.

Frisk Wines, however, are more than just a delightful beverage; they encapsulate the Australian zest for life. Each bottle revels in an irresistible balance of sun-drenched fruits, youthful acidity, and undeniable charm. It’s a celebration of life’s lively moments, encapsulated in each exuberant bubble.

For North Carolina wine buyers seeking to add an invigorating Australian spark to their selection, Frisk Wines’ cheerful range is available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.