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Foppiano Vineyards and Winery


At the heart of Sonoma County’s renowned Russian River Valley resides Foppiano Vineyards and Winery, a beacon of California viniculture. The Foppiano name, tracing back to 1896, epitomizes tradition, dedication, and a profound understanding of the grape’s journey from vine to bottle.

Foppiano draws from the rich diversity of its estate vineyards, crafting wines that are an idyllic representation of the Californian terroir. Their portfolio speaks volumes about the quality of Sonoma County produce, particularly with their Petit Sirah, a varietal that has become a cornerstone of their legacy.

While tradition anchors their winemaking ethos, Foppiano is anything but stagnant. Through continuous refinement of farming techniques and winemaking processes, they ensure each vintage brings something unique, something exceptionally Californian. From the crisp, vibrant Sauvignon Blanc to the layered, complex Reserve Chardonnay, each wine illuminates the expressive region it hails from.

Beyond just wine, Foppiano is a narrative of Sonoma County – its sunlit vistas, fertile soils, distinct microclimates, and a community rich in winemaking history. It’s a tangible love affair with the land and its bountiful gifts.

In summation, Foppiano Vineyards and Winery grants wine enthusiasts in North Carolina an opportunity to explore the depth, complexity, and spirit of Sonoma County, California through their esteemed range, available via Freedom Beverage Company.