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Folktale Wine Group


Rooted in the sun-drenched soils of California’s golden coast, Folktale Wine Group crafts wines that embody the region’s unique attributes and spirit. With their artisanal approach and relentless pursuit of quality, Folktale transforms California’s finest grapes into liquid treasures.

Folktale’s portfolio showcases a rich array of wines, each an homage to California’s diverse terroirs. From the vivacious Sparkling Rosé to the sumptuous depth of their Pinot Noir, each bottle conveys a distinct narrative of place and craft.

Every stage of wine-making at Folktale champions balance, grace, and eco-conscious practices. By harmonizing traditional methods with innovative techniques, they are able to capture the intrinsic beauty of each varietal and vintage, culminating in wines of sophistication and charm.

Yet, Folktale’s wines are more than just the result of exceptional viniculture. Each bottle embodies the sun-kissed serenity of Californian vineyards, the vibrant tales woven through the vines, and the shared moments over a perfectly paired glass. It’s a celebration of California’s rich wine culture and the delights it can bring to a table.

For those in North Carolina’s burgeoning wine industry, watching for Folktale Wine Group’s compelling roster of wines, available through Freedom Beverage Company, can add a slice of Californian promise to any discerning wine list.