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Finca Museum

Castilla y Leon,

Located in the storied region of Castilla y Leon, Spain, is the esteemed Finca Museum, a wine producer that elegantly oscillates between tradition and innovation. With a deep-rooted devotion to the art of viticulture, Finca Museum strikes a resonant chord with wine lovers seeking a pure expression of Spanish wine.

Finca Museum’s ethos lies in the celebration of the region’s star grape, Tempranillo. Their approach mirrors the rhythm of the land—patience in the vineyard and respect for the grape’s inherent qualities. Whether it’s the vibrant energy of their Crianza or the remarkable depth and complexity of their Reserva, each wine tells an enchanting tale of Castilla y Leon.

Balance and purity define the Finca Museum drinking experience. By harmoniously blending modern winemaking techniques with traditional practices, the vineyard birth wines that are a testament to the past while looking ahead to the future. Each bottle captures the spirit and essence of their vineyards, offering drinkers a jaunt through the Spanish countryside.

More than just a winery, Finca Museum paints a vibrant picture of Spanish culture—the flamenco rhythms, the bustling tapas bars, and the sun-drenched plazas. Its wines are a celebration of heritage, a unique blend of artistry and history, and an ode to the enduring legacy of Spanish winemaking.

For industry buyers in North Carolina, Finca Museum’s selection of fine Spanish wines is brought to you in partnership with Freedom Beverage Company, inviting you on a journey into the heart of Castilla y Leon.