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Finca El Origen


Immersed in the sprawling vine-laden landscapes of Mendoza, Argentina, Finca El Origen embodies South American wine-making at its finest. As the first Argentinean winery of the Carolina Wine Brands, Finca El Origen has the unique distinction of showcasing a beautiful balance of tradition and modern wine expertise in each and every bottle.

The key to Finca El Origen’s exceptional wines lies in the ethos of its name – The Origin. Each wine is a testament to the rich, varied terroirs of Mendoza, honing the expression of the vineyard’s unique characteristics. Whether it’s the vibrant and intense Malbec or the elegant and complex Chardonnay, the wines of Finca El Origen speak the language of the soil.

The marriage of traditional viticultural wisdom with cutting-edge techniques are core tenets of Finca El Origen. The winery meticulously guides each vine from bud to bottle, fostering wines that encapsulate the essence of Argentinean craftsmanship.

A glass of Finca El Origen offers more than just a drink, it’s an excursion through the sun-drenched slopes of Mendoza, the whisper of the Andean breeze, and the gentle hum of an Argentinean hacienda at harvest time. They celebrate the heart and soul of Mendoza and the vibrant character of its terroir.

For wine buyers in North Carolina seeking to bring the allure of Argentinean wines into their collections, Finca El Origen, with a handful of brilliant selections available through the Freedom Beverage Company, is an exciting option to consider.