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Ercole, a remarkable wine producer from Piemonte, Italy, introduces wine enthusiasts to the profound depth and complexity of the region. At the core of Ercole is a dedication to expressing Piemonte’s unique terroir in each and every bottle of wine crafted.

Ercole’s winemaking philosophy is rooted in respect for tradition and the land. Utilizing indigenous grape varieties, their wines showcase the region’s characteristic expression. Whether it’s the elegant moscato or the robust barbera, Ercole’s range captures the multifaceted nature of Piemonte’s terroir.

Each wine from Ercole whispers stories of Piemonte—a region rich in viticultural history and a diverse climatic spectrum. From the ethereal layers of their Barbera del Monferrato to the spellbinding nuances of their Moscato d’Asti, every sip takes the palate on a journey through the vine-draped landscapes.

Beyond mere wine production, Ercole embodies the hospitality, passion, and vibrant lifestyle of Piemonte. It’s a toast to Italian camaraderie, the allure of the vineyards under the Mediterranean sun, and the enticing offerings of a region drenched in wine history.

For the North Carolina wine industry seeking a true representation of Piemonte’s viticulture, Ercole’s impressive portfolio is now available through Freedom Beverage Company.