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Equipo Navazos


The wines of Equipo Navazos are a testament to the sheer richness and diversity of Andalucia, Spain. This acclaimed wine producer has basques deep in the heart of the Spanish sherry tradition, revitalizing it with their distinct approach and unwavering quality.

Equipo Navazos stands for maintaining the traditions of sherry while pushing the boundaries of this classic Spanish wine. Their acclaimed lineup ranges from the light, dry Fino to the intensely aromatic Pedro Ximenez, each displaying pristine purity of the fortified wine tradition while illuminating new facets of this unique genre.

Handpicking their casks from traditional Andalucia wine Bodegas, Equipo Navazos ensure that every release is distinctly different, yet unequivocally Spanish. By delivering remarkably complex wines that respect tradition and impress modern palates, Equipo Navazos has successfully straddled the line between the old and the new.

The crimson hue of a glass of Equipo Navazos sherry captures the Spanish sun, the vibrant culture, and the beautiful landscapes of Andalucia. It’s a way of not merely tasting, but experiencing Spain, its hospitality, its richness, and its timeless love affair with fortified wine.

North Carolina industry buyers looking to offer a slice of Spanish tradition and innovation can find Equipo Navazos selection through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.