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From the lush vineyards of Luberon, France, emerges Elicio, an epitome of regional winemaking traditions and modern viticulture. Combining respect for terroir and mastery in wine crafting, Elicio illuminates the distinguished character of the Mediterranean.

Elicio’s essence lies in its deep connection to the unique Luberon region. With unique geological characteristics, the Luberon vineyards pervade every bottle, whether it’s the vibrancy of their Vermentino or the depth of their Grenache-based reds. All their wines reflect a genuine understanding of the region and a striving to express its singular personality.

Presenting a careful blend of tradition and modernity, Elicio embraces advanced winemaking techniques while respecting centuries-old traditions. The result is a portfolio of wines that pay homage to France’s viticultural legacy while charming modern palates.

Elicio is more than a brand; it’s a gateway to France’s Mediterranean heart. Each bottle depicts stories of sun-soaked hillsides, that unmistakable Provençal light, and the joy of sharing fine wines. This essence of the French art de vivre is encapsulated eloquently in every Elicio wine.

For North Carolina businesses seeking an authentic French wine experience, Elicio’s portfolio is readily available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.