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From the land of mythology where the Carpathian Mountains meet the Danube River, emerges Dreambird, an expressive wine label rooted in the rich soil and history of Romania. Dreambird is less of a producer and more of a harbinger, bridging the gap between the old world charm and modern wine-making techniques.

Every Dreambird creation is a harmonious blend of indigenous and internationally acclaimed grape varieties. With careful cultivation and vinification, these wines offer an authentic taste of Romanian terroir. Whether it’s the aromatic Feteasca or the classic Chardonnay, Dreambird celebrates Romania’s diverse viticultural landscape in each bottle.

Dreambird goes beyond just being a wine; it encapsulates the essence of Romania. Each glass offers a sight into the nation’s rolling vineyards, centuries-old wine traditions, and the rich legend that surrounds the land. It’s a magical union of grape, soil and climate.

More than just a wine label, Dreambird tells a story in every sip. A story woven with lores of Romanian folklore, with the warmth of the Romanian sun, and the cool caress of the Black Sea breeze. It is Romanian wine-making tradition presented in a beautifully modern context.

In North Carolina, through Freedom Beverage Company, industry buyers can easily access Dreambird’s enchanting selection, offering their clientele a chance to experience the captivating allure of Romanian wines.