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Dragonette Cellars


Hailing from the Central Coast of California is Dragonette Cellars, a wine producer that upholds the quintessence of the region’s incredibly diverse terroir. This boutique family winery has a deep-rooted passion for creating exceptional wines that truly showcase the unique characteristics of their vineyard sites.

At Dragonette Cellars, the focus is firmly on sustainability and respect for nature. Their carefully tended vineyards, subject to the microclimates of the Californian coast, yield grapes that have complexity and authenticity in every cluster. Their Syrahs, Pinot Noirs, and Sauvignon Blancs, among others, invite one to experience a genuine taste of the Central Coast.

Among tradition and innovation, Dragonette Cellars finds a perfect blend. Traditional vineyard management and winemaking practices combined with modern perspectives and techniques result in wines that are both classic and contemporary; expressive of variety, vintage, and site.

As much more than just a wine producer, Dragonette Cellars breathes life into the core Californian belief of celebrating the region’s bounty. Each bottle encapsulates the spirit of the Central Coast, its beautiful landscapes, its abundant sunshine, and its cool oceanic influences.

For wine retailers and restaurants in North Carolina seeking an unrivaled Californian wine experience, Dragonette Cellars’ esteemed collection is made accessible through Freedom Beverage Company.