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Dos Lagos Vineyard


Perched atop the undulating hills of Napa Valley, California, lies Dos Lagos Vineyard, a hidden gem in the bustling USA wine scene. With a devotion to producing low yield, high-quality wines, Dos Lagos flourishes in the revered Napa Valley’s cradle.

Integral to Dos Lagos Vineyards is the meticulous attention to each vine, nurtured by the cool Pacific breeze and California sun. The vineyard’s unique microclimate accents each wine with luscious complexity, from the elegant Cabernet Sauvignon with its deep velvety texture to the vibrant and balanced Graciano.

Dos Lagos Vineyard isn’t confined by tradition, constantly experimenting with varietals not typically seen in Napa. Their commitment to craftmanship and detail is evident in every bottle, seamlessly blending traditional wine-making techniques with innovative practices to achieve excellence.

More than just wine, Dos Lagos Vineyard is an embodiment of the Napa Valley spirit – abundant sunshine, fertile soil, and a passion for creating spectacular wines. Each bottle carries the ambiance of the vineyard, a symphony of terroir, quality grapes, and impeccable wine-making skills.

In North Carolina, sommeliers, industry buyers, and restaurants alike can immerse themselves in the Dos Lagos wine experience through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.