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Domaine Serge Laport


From the illustrious vineyards of France’s Loire Valley, in the heart of Sancerre, we introduce Domaine Serge Laporte. The Laporte estate, a family-owned domain, encapsulates both the grandeur of French viticulture and the distinctiveness of the Sancerre terroir.

The finesse and elegance of Domaine Serge Laporte’s wines owe much to their dedication to organic farming practices and the estate’s unique terroirs. Their flinty soils express themselves prominently in the wines, imbibing them with a remarkable mineral complexity.

Whether it’s the vibrant and crisp Sancerre Blanc made from Sauvignon Blanc or the perfumed Sancerre Rouge crafted from Pinot Noir grapes, each glass from Domaine Serge Laporte is a testimony to the intricacies and nuances of the Sancerre wine region.

Innovation complements tradition at Domaine Serge Laporte. While the estate is devoted to respecting age-old winemaking principles, they are also on a continual quest to refine and perfect their craft, imparting a contemporary touch to their classical wines.

Each bottle of Domaine Serge Laporte echoes the flavors and aromas of the Loire Valley, offering a blend of minerality, citrusy zest, and a classic French finesse. For North Carolina wine connoisseurs interested in capturing the quintessence of Sancerre in their selections, the wines of Domaine Serge Laporte are available through Freedom Beverage Company.