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Domaine Ninot Rully


Located in the prestigious viticultural region of Burgundy, France, Domaine Ninot Rully stands as a testament to the area’s rich wine-making tradition. This family-run estate, with a lineage that dates back to the 1300s, is a harmonious blend of history, passion, and terroir-driven excellence.

At the heart of Domaine Ninot Rully’s ethos is a reverence for the land. With a keen understanding of the unique characteristics of the Rully terroir, each wine is a pure expression of its origin. From the nuanced complexity of their whites to the layered richness of their reds, Domaine Ninot Rully’s wines are a true reflection of Burgundy’s enological diversity.

Domaine Ninot Rully strikes a balance between innovation and tradition. Employing modern viticultural techniques, while respecting time-honored practices, the domain ensures that each bottle captures the authentic essence of the region. This approach culminates in wines that are both vibrant and deeply rooted in their Burgundian heritage.

The wines of Domaine Ninot Rully are not just beverages, but narratives of the land, the cool breeze of the Côte Chalonnaise, the age-old vines, and the family’s unwavering dedication to viticultural excellence. Each sip is an invitation to embark on a journey through the illustrious vineyards of Burgundy.

For North Carolina’s discerning industry buyers seeking a slice of Burgundian elegance, Domaine Ninot Rully’s distinguished wines are available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.