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Domaine Loberger


From the stunning landscapes of Alsace, France, emerges Domaine Loberger, a family-owned winery that embodies the essence of Alsatian wine-making heritage. Established in 1949, Domaine Loberger has built its reputation on dedication, passion, and a profound respect for nature.

Rooted in the unique terroir of the region, Domaine Loberger crafts wines that bear the distinct imprint of Alsace. Its portfolio ranges from crisp and floral whites, such as their exemplary Riesling, to rich and complex reds, like the elegant Pinot Noir. Each wine is a testament to attentive vineyard management and meticulous cellar practices.

At Domaine Loberger, tradition and innovation intertwine. While the winery continues to honor age-old Alsatian wine-making practices, it also embraces modern techniques to ensure the purity and precision of flavors in each bottle.

More than just wine, Domaine Loberger brings to life the vibrant culture of Alsace. Each sip is a journey through the region, filled with the scent of blossoming vineyards, the charm of rustic villages, and the warmth of Alsatian hospitality. It’s a celebration of a place, its people, and their enduring love for wine.

For North Carolina industry buyers seeking to enrich their offerings with the unique terroir-driven wines of Alsace, Domaine Loberger’s exquisite portfolio is available through Freedom Beverage Company.