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Domaine Laurier


From the golden state of California, where the sun kisses the vineyards and the Pacific breezes dance through the leaves, springs Domaine Laurier, a wine producer that personifies the quintessential Californian wine experience. This family-owned estate, steeped in tradition yet forward-looking, is a testament to the unfailing allure of Californian viticulture.

At the heart of Domaine Laurier’s philosophy lies a reverence for the land. Each vineyard, with its unique terroir and microclimate, is cultivated with meticulous care, resulting in wines that capture the essence of their Californian roots. Whether it’s the rich and robust Cabernet Sauvignon or the vibrant and crisp Chardonnay, the wines of Domaine Laurier offer a diverse palette of flavors and aromas.

Domaine Laurier seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. Employing cutting-edge winemaking techniques allows them to extract the purest expression of the grapes, while the respect for age-old practices ensures a soulful depth in every bottle. The result is a portfolio of wines that are as diverse and dynamic as the Californian landscapes they hail from.

Each sip of a Domaine Laurier wine is more than just a flavor experience. It’s a celebration of the Californian sun, the Pacific winds, and the passion of a family devoted to their vinous craft. It’s a journey through the vineyards of California, one glass at a time.

For those in North Carolina looking to add a touch of Californian sunshine to their wine lists, Domaine Laurier’s collection is available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.