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Domaine la Font de Notre Dame

Southern Rhône,

From the heart of Southern Rhône in France emerges Domaine la Font de Notre Dame, a producer renowned for its dedication to crafting wines that capture the spirit of the Gigondas appellation. With deep-rooted traditions and a passion for authenticity, this winery offers an unforgettable viticultural experience.

The wines from Domaine la Font de Notre Dame are a tribute to the rich terroir of Gigondas. Each bottle encapsulates the unique characteristics of the region, presenting an aromatic symphony of ripe fruits, spices, and mineral nuances. The winery’s commitment to sustainable farming further enhances the natural expression of their wines, resulting in a truly authentic Rhône experience.

While deeply respectful of traditional winemaking techniques, Domaine la Font de Notre Dame also embraces innovation. This harmonious blend of old and new ensures that each wine not only embodies the charm of Gigondas but also appeals to modern palates.

More than just a wine, each bottle from Domaine la Font de Notre Dame tells a story. A story of the sun-soaked vineyards of Southern Rhône, the cool Mediterranean breezes, and the enduring passion of a family dedicated to their craft.

For North Carolina industry buyers seeking to offer an authentic taste of Gigondas, Domaine la Font de Notre Dame’s exquisite wines are available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.