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Domaine Elisa Gueneau


From the verdant vineyards of Sancerre, France, rises Domaine Elisa Gueneau, a testament to the region’s rich viticultural heritage and the indomitable spirit of a woman-led winery. Domaine Elisa Gueneau, nurtured by the passion of a third-generation winegrower, offers a piquant glimpse into the heart and soul of Sancerre.

The wines of Domaine Elisa Gueneau embody the essence of their terroir. Rooted in limestone and clay soils, their vines yield wines that echo the region’s unique character. The Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir from Domaine Elisa Gueneau notably exhibit classic Sancerre traits – a delightful balance of minerality, aromatic complexity, and vibrant acidity.

While adhering to traditional winemaking practices, Domaine Elisa Gueneau is not averse to innovation. They continually strive to refine their methods, marrying time-honored techniques with modern sensibilities. The result is a portfolio of wines that respect their roots whilst expressing a contemporary edge.

A sip of Domaine Elisa Gueneau’s wine is more than mere indulgence. It’s a journey through Sancerre’s rolling vineyards, an exploration of its unique geology, a testament to a family’s dedication to their craft. Each bottle is an expression of the region’s joyous relationship with viticulture.

In North Carolina, Domaine Elisa Gueneau’s remarkable wines are available through their North Carolina wine distributors, Freedom Beverage Company. For those seeking the nuanced elegance of Sancerre, Domaine Elisa Gueneau provides a sublime, authentic experience.